If it sounds too good to be true...

When repairing or replacing your garage door, be wary of too-low prices.  Some companies advertise very low prices that they can’t deliver.

Be sure the costs of any extra parts or labor are included in the original estimate, and are being offered at a fair price.  Shopping around can be tricky, because some large companies operate under different names.  Always ask for a company’s Contractor License Number, and check www.cslb.ca.gov to make sure you are calling more than one company for an estimate.

Ace Garage Doors doesn’t hide any costs.  The price on our free estimate is all you pay.  We’re confident our prices are the best.  In fact, if you have a lower written estimate from another company, Ace will match their price.

Your neighbors offer the best you can get, because they have a great stake in your community.  Ace is proud to be a locally-owned small business--we care about San Diego and our neighbors here.

The bottom line on garage doors

Experience from Top to Bottom

What Is a Licensed Contractor?

Unlicensed contractors are part of the $60-140 billion underground economy that does not pay taxes, insurance, or follow safety laws.

Asking for a contractor for their license number is like asking a doctor for their degree.  There’s more to getting a license than paying a fee.

For a general contractor’s license, an applicant must prove at least four years of work experience in their field, be fingerprinted, have an FBI background check, and carry a bond.  They often must also pass a test before being licensed to work.

A licensed contractor must carry a bond.  A bond protects a customer if the contractor doesn’t finish a job to their satisfaction.

 A contractor may also have a specialty license, like Ace Garage Doors.  Our license in Doors, Gates, and Activating Devices, makes us particularly qualified to service your door. 

You can check any contractor’s license status at:  www.cslb.ca.gov  Ace Garage Door’s license number is 897261.

Ups and Downs

Advice for homeowners

Ace Garage Door Company

The person you meet when you buy a door or choose a service company may not be the person who does the work.  They might not have ever even worn a tool belt.  

Many companies hire salespeople to meet with customers.  The salesman may not be able to properly diagnose your door.  They are sometimes given bonuses for how many parts they sell, regardless of whether the customer needs them.

At Ace Garage Doors, our salespeople are also technicians.  You door will either be diagnosed by our owner, or by one of our highly-qualified, experienced technicians.

When someone from a service company arrives, ask if they will be doing the work.  If not, ask how long their installer/technician has been working for them.  If they suggest you need parts, ask them why, and what the parts do.

With over 20 years in the field, we At Ace Garage Doors know what’s wrong with your door, and we’ll fix it properly. We guarantee you won’t be sold any parts you don’t need.  We will always repair your existing motor or door whenever possible, rather than sell you something new.

Ace Garage Doors is your ‘can-do’ company!